Honors Thesis: Writing a Recipe for Craft Food

As you head off after graduation, you might find yourself sipping on a craft beer on a sandy beach or munching on some artisanal cheese in a European cafe. If you already ate and drank these while in Ann Arbor, I might have asked you why you drank the beer you drank or ate the food you ate. You might not have known, but I was collecting data for my honors thesis, which explores the underlying consumer motivations for eating “craft” food and the attributes that make a product “craft.”

After a year of research, I am proud to present my honors thesis for the Ross School of Business. Thank you to everyone who helped me generate ideas, participated in my focus group, and kept me sane as I pieced my thesis together. I’d love it if you gave it a read!

PDF Link: Donald Chao_Honors Thesis_VFF

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